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"There is no death, just a change of worlds."
Chief Seattle c. 1780 – June 7, 1866
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Hello, my name is Terry. I'm glad you found this site. I create and conduct all See Seattle Walks, Hunts and Scrambles and maintain this website.

My introduction to Seattle was as a university student from Ohio visiting the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. The theme of the Fair was "The Future." It was said that the Space Needle pointed the way to the future. The Monorail was ahead of its time. The Bubbleator (a large, bubble-shaped hydraulic elevator with transparent acrylic glass walls) transitioned Fair goers from the present to the "World of Tomorrow" exhibit. The latest and future technology, fashion and trends were on display and the world had come to Seattle to be part of it!

It was an exciting time. I heard that Elvis and John Glenn had been there so I figured I had to go too (I drove a drive-away car out, stayed in a fleabag hotel and hitchhiked back). In addition to the Fair I "discovered" Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square and riding on Washington State ferries. What a memorable and fun adventure it was! Some years later my career (I was a tech guy for computer companies) brought me back to the Seattle area. That career ran its course and in 1993 I started See Seattle. 
"Hope to see you on a
See Seattle adventure in the Emerald City soon!"

Your ClueMaster
and Tour Guide,

Terry D. Seidler

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Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

And just what is a Geoduck, The Pergola and a Bumbershoot?

Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

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Corporate Crossword

Seattle's Ruling Class!

Corporate Crossword

Seattle has many players beyond
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Seattle Firsts

The Happy Face first appeared in Seattle!

Seattle is Numero One!!

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Seattle Odyssey

Seattle has many weird landmarks!

Freemont Troll

Be ready for a very
strange adventure.
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Seattle Tattle

No excuses for not
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You can wax eloquent
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colorific pix of the
Emerald City. 

Seattle's Worlds Fair 1962

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Why Walk?

See Seattle sez:
"Walking Is
Good For You!"

Just walkin' in the rain!

Ten Compelling
Reasons to Walk!
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Magic, Mystery & Romance!

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