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Scramble Teams: The Dangerettez, The Fuzzy Pink Skullz and The Myztical No-Namerz - July 27, 2004
Scramble Teams: The Dangerettez, The Fuzzy Pink Skullz and The Myztical No-Namerz
These creative players made up their own team names! And who won? Hey, they all are winners!
Teen Summer Camp Recreation Program Assistant, City of Tukwila, WA


In a Nutshell 6th > 12th; chaperones required 6th > 8th ; 3 hr event at Seattle Center; any day ex Festival Days; $15pp/$300 min + tax, chaperones free.    
Olympic Iliad? Scrambles make cattle stampedes look well organized! Competing teams of scramblers crawl all over Seattle Center's 74-acre campus like it was one big ant hill. You are surrounded with easily recognizable landmarks like the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Climate Pledge Arena and MoPop. However, you will find yourself chasing around places where you didn't know there were places such as the Olympic Iliad, the Guardian Lions and Bloody Erich.
Frenzied Fun! Your team, the Clue Busters, huddles to establish a winning game plan. Everyone is on high alert - "be resourceful and scramble as a team." Some of your teammates are sent dashing off to solve mysteries lurking about. Others are frantically trying to find certain items. You are dispatched with your team's remaining players scheming ways to crack a challenging puzzle. Periodically your team regroups to exchange roles. By the end of the Scramble you have done so much careening about Seattle Center that you feel you have played the role of the ball in a pinball machine! Friendly but frenzied fun! Whew! But wait - for bonus points we have the Seattle Crosswords puzzle to solve. Best of all we will cap off the day at the Artists At Play Playground!
What age kids? Student Scrambles are fun events of competition and teamwork geared for kids from middle school/junior high through high school ages. And they are a very fun way to "tour" Seattle Center's most interesting places. Designed and emceed by the ClueMaster.

For safety, these contests are held entirely on Seattle Center's 74-acre campus with no vehicle traffic to worry about.

NEW! On occasion, teams of corporate and other adult groups have a blast on a Scramble event! Please ask for details. (see contact info below) 
What  about chaperones? Adult chaperones (one or two) are required for every team for middle school/junior high age kids during the entire event (but not high school age kids). They are responsible for the whereabouts and safety of the kids on their team. However, they are not to be helpful in getting points for their team.
What gear do we need? All kids and chaperones should come to this event with a pencil or pen. During this event kids are not permitted to use mobile phones, tables or other electronics to help them with the Scramble. Everyone should wear comfortable walking/running shoes. Oh yes, and bring a winning attitude!! 
Where do we go? Each team is given a Search Areas Map of Seattle Center outlined with 9 search areas: Theaters, McCaw Hall, Climate Pledge Arena, International Fountain, Center House, MoPOP, Pacific Science Center, Space Needle. It is left as a matter of team strategy as to which Search Areas teams go to and in what order. Chaperones will be instructed by the ClueMaster to keep the kids on their team together within each Search Area before proceeding to the next Search Area.
Where do we meet? Meet the ClueMaster at MoPOP (formerly EMP) turnaround circle. Cars and busses can drop-off there (enter @ Harrison St. & 5th Ave. North).
Need parking? Try SpotHero, Parkopedia or Downtown Seattle Parking. Need help getting to and parking at Seattle Center?
Planning Your Event Scrambles may be held most any day year-round during daylight hours. The exception would be popular event Festival days as the campus would be too crowded.

Your event may start  at a time that works best for your group. This event typically takes about 3 hours when lunch and Playground are included. Here are examples of popular timelines:
10:00 11:00 1:30 Instructions
@Seattle Center Playground
10:15 11:15 1:45 Scramble Begins
Solve Mysteries | Scavenge Items
Rub 'n Run, | Lock Race
Seattle Crosswords | Find the ClueMaster
Teams determine when, where and how long they take for lunch Lunch
Most groups either
"brown bag" or buy in the Armory
12:45 1:45 3:45
(No Lunch)
Scramble Ends
@Seattle Center Playground
Team Cheers (15 minutes)
 Group Option Playground
 Kids play on apparatuses!
Team and Group Sizes 7/8-player teams are typical but may be smaller or larger depending on the size of the group. Teams should be formed by the host organization before the event. Group sizes typically range from about 15 to 100.

In the spirit of “You are all winners!” the ClueMaster will present a whimsical souvenir certificate (8½” X 11”) to ever team member.

You have the option to present prizes of your choosing.

The fee for See Seattle to emcee this event and provide contest materials is $20.00 per kid, $400.00 minimum plus Washington State sales tax of 10.1%.

No charge for chaperones - after all, they are "working" members of their teams.

The host organization would be directly responsible for all expenses and arrangements relating to food and refreshments, prizes, team shirts, costumes, etc.

Payment: 30 day invoice or check at the end of the event - sorry, no credit cards.
How to Make a Private Group Reservation or Request Additional Information

Call (425) 226-7641 or email and leave the five items of information listed below. Typically you will receive a same day or early next day reply.

  1. Your Name and School/Organization Name:

  2. Your Email Address and/or Phone Contact:

  3. Event Date & Start Time (any days except Festival days):

  4. Approximate Group Size; Grades/Ages:

  5. Comments and Questions:

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