Mystery & Scavenger Hunts with Chauffeured Limousines or on Foot!

Sleuthing Eyes!


In a Nutshell On foot or Limos; 2 hour hunt downtown/4 hour team-building morale event; any day/start time; $20pp, $400 min + tax; meeting place(s), food & beverage, limos (optional) not included. Time and budget strategies (see below).
See and
be Seen
Careen about the Emerald City with your fellow sleuths, the Sherlock Holmses, in a sleek, glamorous chauffeured limousine. Have a blast in a friendly but frenzied chase with competing team limousines. Search for Seattle's quirks, secrets and trivia. It is a quest for the famous and infamous, the historic and hysteric.
Team FBI!
The competition is just as hot as when teams of sleuths prowl the sidewalks of the Emerald City on foot. Sneakers in sneakers get carried away without limousines! And guess what? Teams on foot actually get better scores than teams in limos! So what's it going to be: riding in style or sneaking for points?
Out team will go anywhere to get a banana peel!
Sleuths on the
Your team, the Sherlock Holmses, checks their Search Areas Map and devises a team game plan. Your Team Leader directs your team to the next search area with dispatch. You arrive to case the joint. Now you have to put your detective hat on, be observant and ask questions. Suddenly your cunning sleuthing skills pay off! You have solved a mystery and scavenged an item. It's high five's all around! "On to the next challenge, the grand title of Super Sleuths will surely belong to the Sherlock Holmses at the end of the day. It's elementary, Watson." But wait - for bonus points we have the Seattle Places and Seattle Crosswords puzzles to solve and then our team's Best Story contest to prepare for .... and to think that our team's fate may depend on our team choreographing and performing a skit about our crazy Mystery & Scavenger Hunt encounters. Move over Shakespeare - we have tales to tell!
Get excited about this! Mystery & Scavenger Hunts are great team-building morale events, social mixers, and entertainment for large or small groups. They are designed to be very challenging contests. And they are a clever and fun way to "tour" downtown Seattle's most interesting places. Designed and emceed by the ClueMaster, these events may be held any day year-round during daytime or evening hours.
Hey, let's get this guy on our team!
What Groups have done this? From the first event on Halloween 1995 there have been over 425 Mystery & Scavenger Hunt events. That's over 1,700 teams and about 13,000 players! Local as well as visiting groups have enjoyed the competition (multiple times for many groups). They are corporate groups as well as private special occasion groups.
Accenture, Acision, Adeneo Corp Adetel Group, Adobe, Air Touch Cellular, Altstadt, Amazon, American Federation of Teachers, Amgen, AMS Services, Andrews Space, ANZUS-Rosetta, Apple Computer, Apptio, aQuantive, AT&T Wireless, Avalon Bay Communities, Bank of America, BDO Seidman, Benson & McLaughlin P.S., Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, BioControl Systems, Blom Consultancy, Boeing, Cascade Tech Sales, Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center, City of Kent, Coffee Talk, Coinstar, Cole Weber/Red Cell, Cole & Weber United, Commercial Office Interiors, Compaq of France, Concur Technologies, Dermik Labs, Discover U, DMX Music, DRIVEpm, Education Dynamics, The Effectiveness Institute, Eli Lilly, Ernst & Young, Esurg, Events and Adventures, Expedia, Expeditors International, Eye Bank Association of America, F5 Networks, Fairview University Medical Center, Fairwood Golf & Country Club, First American Credco, Federal Express, Fluke Networks, FM Global, General Electric, Grand Hyatt, Gray Cary LLP, Greythorn, Group Health Permanente, Heartland, HERE, Hills Pet Nutrition, Ideas NW, Insight School of Washington, InterCall, Ivar's, Kelly Hume Design, Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel, LexisNexis, McKinstry, Medtronic, Meetings En Route, Metro Information Services, Jr. Achievement, Microsoft, Milliman USA, MIT Club of Puget Sound, Modumetal, National Hispanic Corporate Council, Northwest Smile Design, Oki Golf, Option One Mortgage, Owens Corning, Paccar, Perkins Coie LLP, Pfizer, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Philips Medical Systems, Pine Lake Covenant Church, Point B Solutions, Premera Blue Cross, Precision Countertops, Presentation Services, Preston Gates & Ellis LLP, PSS World Medical & LabZone, Qpass, Rally Marketing, Real Networks, Regents Blue Shield, Residence Inn & Courtyard by Marriott, Riddell Williams LLP, Savage Companies, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, Sears Driving School, Seattle Genetics, Seattle Reproductive Medicine, Seattle Times, Seattle Vision Youth, Sheraton Seattle, Ski's Painting, Smile Power, Sound Community Bank, Spacelabs Healthcare, Starbucks, State Farm Insurance, Sterling Talent Solutions, Sunshine Management Services, Swedish Medical Center Foundation, Synapse, Target, Text100, The Glen Group, The VIP Factor, T-Mobile, Tyler Technologies, UNUM, UpSellUSA, US Bank, US West, UW Medicine Neighborhood Clinics, Wall Data, Washington Mutual, WatchGuard Technologies, Watermark Estate Management Services, LLC, West Monroe Partners, White Pages Pro.
Private Groups Batchelorette Parties for [Kerry, Jackie], Birthday Parties for [Frank, Ilona, Jason, Kathryn, Kathy, Liz, Lynn, Mike, Mike, Pooja, Seth, Sharon, Susan, Tim, Victoria, Lauren], Clubs [Mike's Adventure Club, Diana's Fun Club, Tere's Family Fun, Nancy's Young At Hearts], Schools [Heppner HS, Upper Columbia Academy, University of Washington School of Business], Gena's Silver Anniversary, Going Away Party for Staff Sergeant Bryan -- US Army, Special Forces, Afghanistan.  
Who can play? These contests are designed so that Seattle buffs have little, if any, advantage over Seattle newbies. They test not one's knowledge of Seattle but a team's ability to work together and formulate a winning strategy (as in "teamwork"). This downtown event is geared for adults. Scrambles held at Seattle Center, on the other hand, are designed for adults and as well as middle and high school school age children.
We're going to win this thing!
What gear do we need? All players should come to this event with a pencil or pen, a smart phone or tablet (a player without these should buddy up with a teammate that does) and comfortable walking/running shoes. Oh yes, and bring a winning team attitude!! 
Where do we go? Each team is given a Search Areas Map of downtown Seattle with 16 landmark search areas: Bell Street Pier, Pike Place Market, Shopping, Westlake Park, The Arch, Washington State Convention Center, Rainier Square, Home of Seattle Symphony, Seattle Art Museum, Great Wheel, Coleman Dock, Great Fire, Seattle Central Library, Pioneer Square, Klondike Gold Rush and International District. It should be noted that even the most energetic teams rarely get to more than half of the Search Areas during the 2 hour Hunt. This is deliberate in the contest design. It is left as a matter of team strategy as to which ones they will go to. 
Article Read what a reporter from Downtown Source said about this event in his article "See the City on a Scavenger Hunt."
Planning Your Event Your event may start whenever. Here are some popular timelines:
10:00 10:30 1:00 Instructions
15 minutes
10:15 10:45 1:15 2-Hour Hunt Begins
Solve Mysteries | Scavenge Items
Skyline Puzzle | Rub 'n Run
Lock Race | Mirror Image Challenge
 Find the ClueMaster
12:15 12:45 3:15 Hunt Ends
Lunch / Refreshments / Dinner
Score Scavenger Sacks
Search Areas & Crosswords Puzzles
Best Story Contest
Awards Ceremony
2:00 2:30 5:00 End of Event
Team and Group Sizes 7/8-player teams are typical but may be smaller or larger depending on the size of the group. Teams should be formed by the host organization before the event. Group sizes typically range from about 15 to 90. Some groups are smaller or much bigger - the record sizes are 9 and 300+.
Awards The ClueMaster awards the following whimsical certificates (8" X 11") at the end of the event for the following categories:
  • "B S Certification" - Best Story contest team winners.
  • "Team Leadership Affidavit" - Presented to the courageous Team Leader of each team and signed by all teammates.
  • "Seattle's Best Sleuthers" - All players on all teams, given in the spirit of "you are all winners."
  • "Seattle's Right Stuffers!" - Winning team, given with much fan fare.
  • "We're #1" - Presented to the winning Team Leader. 

Host Organizations have the option to award prizes. Prizes often range from items of value (gift certificates are popular) to novelty store gag items.

Facilities and Parking
The event may start and end in the same or different places such as a restaurant/pub, company facility, hotel or private residence.

The event meeting facility should have a private room or area and team tables large enough to seat full teams. 

Need parking? Try SpotHero, Parkopedia or Downtown Seattle Parking.

If you have no preferred event meeting facility, See Seattle can recommend downtown event meeting facilities.
The fee for See Seattle to emcee this event and provide contest materials is $20.00 pp, $400.00 min + 10.1% tax.

The host organization would be directly responsible for all expenses and arrangements relating to event meeting facilities, food & beverage, prizes, limousines etc.

Payment: 30 day invoice or check at the end of the event - sorry, no credit cards.  
Short on time and/or budget? See Seattle will work with you to come up with an event that fits your group's available time and budget. Here are some common strategys:
  1. Some groups use their own meeting facility for Instructions before the Hunt saving on possible meeting room charges.

  2.  Often the event meeting facility will not charge for the use of a meeting room with no food & beverage service for Instructions before the Hunt knowing that the group will be returning for food & beverage after the Hunt. It pays to ask.

  3. Some small groups meet before or before and after the Hunt in improvised public areas of the Washington State Convention Center or in a nearby public park. 
  4. Sometimes groups receive Instructions via email and teams are given their contest forms a pre-determined Hunt starting place. 
  5. Some groups skip the after Hunt activities saving time and meeting room charges. In this case scoring results would not be immediately available after the Hunt but typically later in the day or the next day.

Please let See Seattle know your situation so we can devise a strategy that works for your group.

How to Make a Private Group Reservation or Request Additional Information

Call (425) 226-7641 or email and leave the five items of information listed below. Typically you will receive a same day or early next day reply.

  1. Your Name and Company/Organization Name:

  2. Your Email Address and/or Phone Contact:

  3. Event Date & Start Time:

  4. Meeting Place(s) if known at this time:

  5. Approximate Group Size:

  6. Comments and Questions:

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